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Bart has a variety of programs available to help you to empower all areas of your life. Please find a selection below of our most favorite programs.


Personal Finance for Young Adults (Video Course)

Most educational institutions around the world do not teach people how to manage their personal finances. Therefore I have created this course to help people like yourself to get started to manage money wisely. In this course you will learn tools and strategies to help you to manage your money more wisely, including how to develop and stick to a budget, how to create an innovative savings plan and how to overcome some of the mistakes that people make when attempting to manage money. You will also learn:

  • The top 5 reasons why most people do not manage their money wisely
  • The benefits you will experience when you manage your money well
  • How to increase your self-worth and positively impact your net-worth
  • The 10 steps to master your financial destiny
  • The 7 laws of managing your money wisely
  • The top 6 money mistakes to avoid
  • 4 innovative ways to increase your income
  • The top 7 habits of money management
  • And m​uch more!

Click here to get this video course at a 62% discount! – https://www.udemy.com/personal-finance-for-young-adults/?couponCode=BARTFB20

Learn How to Empower Your Life and Live It Your Way! (Audio) 

Learn the top 3 secrets to help you to empower your life.

Itunes – http://apple.co/2g2NHzM

Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2gNNeW1

Guided Meditation to Turn Your Sex Drive Into Creative Energy (Audio Meditation) 

This meditation is designed for men to help transform feelings of sex into a creative energy. Napoleon Hill has devoted an intro chapter of his book, Think and Grow Rich, on the power of sex transmutation. Listening to this mediation can help you to do this.

Itunes – http://apple.co/2pYEb85

Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2q6v8SF

How to Increase Your Self Worth: The Path to Higher Achievement and Fulfillment (Audio) 

This audio is designed to help you increase your self worth. This will help you to achieve more and have more fulfillment as well.

Itunes – http://apple.co/1NxnVgV

Spotify – http://spoti.fi/23LiXKi

Guided Meditation to Overcome Stress, Turning Your Stressings Into Blessings (Audio Meditation) 

Have you ever felt stressful? Do you often feel stressed out about your life? I certainly have been stressful throughout my life. So I can understand how you feel! I have created this unique meditation to help you reduce your stress and to transform your stressing into blessings.

Itunes – http://apple.co/2g2P4yp

Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2gNScBQ


About Bart Milatz

As a teacher and practical therapist, Bart Milatz is on a mission to help people heal their past, so they can truly live in the present moment and transform their future. His sessions are practical, non-judgmental and gives people hope and a new outlook on their past and future.

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